Broken Bits of Life as Teachers of Wisdom...


Recently at an eclectic tourist/gift shop at the know, one with all the bright tropical colors, funky beach hats and T-shirts galore...I found jewelry from a local artist made from tiny pieces of sea glass. I loved the way the artist combined delicate engraved silver charms with bits of colored glass. I excitedly bought a necklace and put it on.

I soon ran into a family member who asked about the necklace. I shared, "It's sea glass...isn't there something special about it?" To which came the reply, "Sea glass? Why would you wear trash as jewelry?" I paused and tried to put into words what I thought, "Oh no, this isn't trash. It's sea glass. There's something mysterious about it...a little like a buried treasure." "Nope, just trash," was the response.

"One person's trash of years gone by becomes another's treasure..."

There truly are many different ways to look at things...varied perspectives. In a sense my family member was correct. Sea glass begins as bits of broken glass from old soda or beer bottles, windows, windshields, anything yes, someone's trash. But for 30, or 40 or maybe even 100 years it is tossed and turned in both rough and calm waters as its sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. No longer sharp to the touch, it becomes slick and sometimes frosted looking. What a secret, silent story each piece tells! Yet, one person's trash of years gone by becomes another's treasure as enthusiasts all over the globe search for bits of sea glass for collections, to sell, for jewelry or to be used in various genres of art.

"...broken bits of our lives can transform into teachers of wisdom..."

How do you look at brokenness and the sharp edges of your life? Do you throw it away by projecting it outward or stuffing it inward? Little by little over time those broken bits of our lives can transform into teachers of wisdom...the luster of a new perspective or a new understanding. What once was seen as trash becomes a treasure of self knowledge and self compassion. When one accepts the broken bits as teacher, sharp edges become smooth and this wisdom gifts us with treasure. Yes, where one sees trash...another sees treasure.

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