What your Counselor wants You to Know...


Dear Client,

There are some things I'd like to share with you...please pull up a chair...

  • It's not easy to reach out for help. It takes courage to make that first appointment...to walk into the office for the first time. I admire your bravery.
  • Meeting your counselor for the first time might make you feel nervous or anxious...that's normal. Growth is uncomfortable...But I will do my best to make you feel right at home.
  • It is an honor to me that you have reached out for assistance and chosen me to share the broken bits of your heart. I do not take that lightly.

"Your story is a one of a kind..."

  • Your story is a one of a kind...unique to you. I am not a counselor who puts clients in a box or approaches therapy in a cookie cutter manner. There is no one size fits all. I consider your uniqueness to be a strength.
  • As a counselor I am ethically bound to confidentiality of all you share with me. This would only be broken if I felt that you were at a risk to yourself or to others. Then I have a duty to warn. My office has heard many secrets..it is a safe place to share.
  • I hope that you will be upfront and honest with me to the best of your ability. The more open and transparent you are with me, the better I am able to serve you. I realize a trusting rapport between us takes time...it is something to strive for.
  • Your first meeting with me will be an intake session. This is not counseling per se...it is when I get to know you, the issues that brought you to counseling, your background, your goals, your story. I will ask a lot of questions. You might feel a bit drained afterwards so I always recommend taking it easy for homework.

"I am not a counselor who will tell you what to do...I feel you have the answer within"

  • The next session will be a counseling session that lasts for 55 minutes. We will begin to work on your goals. I will still ask a number of questions...that's my style... but this time they will lead you to a deeper reflection. Your see I am not a counselor who will tell you what to do...I feel you have the answer within. I'm just really good at asking questions and drawing answers out. But it is a process and it takes time.
  • Together we will assess how often you will come for a session.  In between sessions I may offer an assessment, a book, an article or some kind of work to do. It's not busy work and it's your decision to do it or not. This is your therapy and together we will tailor it to you from the beginning to our very last session together.
  • I am a positive psychology practitioner. What does that mean? I look at matters in a different perspective from many counselors. I recognize the problem...the issues...yet I take a strengths based approach. Helping you to better understand your character strengths so that you can grow in resiliency...which is that "I've fallen but I am going to get up" way of living. This is what I feel will most help you live life outside of our sessions.
  • Sometimes therapy can be tough...emotional...sometimes it can be frustrating...sometimes (well I hope often) insightful. There is a rhythm to healing and sometimes you may need to slow down...and it's ok to share that. In fact I am proud when you speak up...it shows me that you are taking ownership of your therapy and that is a gold star in my book.

"Talk therapy is a wise choice...it makes a difference to both mind and brain."

  • Talk therapy has been found to be very effective. In fact there is a growing number of research studies that indicate not only does talk therapy lead to significant and enduring effects on mental health, but these changes can actually be measured in the brain. So talk therapy is a wise choice...it makes a difference to both mind and brain.
  • I could go on...but in closing I want you to know that your brokenness is beautiful...yes I mean it...beautiful. It's the cracks of brokenness where the light can shine in and through...and it is light that chases away the darkness.

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey. Call today for a free consultation call at 251-216-9653 or go to my contact page to schedule a call.