Counseling Services in Mobile, Alabama

You have lost your voice. You can no longer see your beauty, worth and purpose.

You question if you have ever seen yourself as anything but a mistake, a mess up, or invisible.

Every now and then you feel "ok"... but there is still constant chatter in your head. You see a glimmer of who you want to be through encounters with friends or activities. But unfortunately,  those moments are few and far between.

You have been beaten down by low self esteem, shame, betrayal, comparison, and/or abusive relationships. You have forgotten or maybe never have known how to love self.

So you succumb to the chaos of life around you by withdrawing, hiding, and or disconnecting. You are depressed, anxious, and hopeless. Getting through the day is just one more box to check off. Joylessly you plod through life.

Making that move for a free consultation call with me will be your first step in confronting the heaviness you are bearing.

I will assist you to clear away all that is blocking you from knowing and embracing your unique, personal character strengths. Through a strength based perspective, you will discover the best version of self you so long to know and love.  And you will be empowered to step forward in confidence to reconnect with others and and the world around you.


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