Resiliency...the I've Fallen But I CAN Get Up Attitude...


I like to start my morning with a brisk walk. It helps to set my focus for the day ahead. This week while walking I happened upon a partially hidden hole in the middle of the road. I had not noticed it yesterday...maybe it wasn't there. I stopped to examine it further and saw that the hole was very deep as if the middle of the road in that area was sinking. Pressing the sides carefully with my shoe, I saw that the asphalt was soft and could easily become bigger with very little pressure. I thought of the soon to be morning traffic and the possibility of cars getting their tires stuck in the hole or a child crossing the street to a friend's house easily tripping and falling because of the hole. I sought out a helpful neighbor to mark the hole and called City Works.

...the process is layer upon layer until once again the area is strengthened and safe.

I thought of the potholes we all can experience in life. They may seem small at first and yet how quickly, in no time at all, they can grow bigger, wider, and deeper putting into jeopardy the whole foundation of one's reality. It may be a serious medical diagnosis, a death, a deep betrayal, or the end of a significant relationship. These potholes, often appearing unexpectedly, cannot be ignored. And it takes more than one person to patch the hole. Support is needed. Those friends and family members that make up our support system are key, but often professionals are called to help fortify... to assist with building back up...and to examine the source of the problem. Just as with sinkholes, this process is layer by layer until once again the area is strengthened and safe.

...resiliency...the I CAN get up attitude when life's potholes unexpectedly block our path. truly is the I have fallen but I CAN get up attitude And yes, this starts with thoughts of "I will not be stuck in this pothole forever." Attitude is key...our thoughts are powerful. Can you visualize life without the pothole? Can you see the pothole as an opportunity to change? Can you admit the reality of the pothole, while at the same time in hope know that it doesn't have to always be that way? Are you able to say yes, this has truly tripped me up and yes, I may have fallen, but I can brush myself off and move forward? It's those tough questions first asked then answered that give us the oomph to get up again. Through it all we grow in resiliency...the I CAN get up attitude when life's potholes unexpectedly block our path.

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