Shattered and in shock.

Trust has been violated in your most intimate relationship.

Sexual Infidelity.

You begin to did I not see this? Has my whole marriage been a lie? What other secrets have been kept? All those late nights at the office, not returning calls when out of town for work, large sums of money missing from our bank accounts, guarded about cell phone and computer passwords.

You feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of chatter in your head and up and down, unpredictable and out of control emotions. There is anger one minute and tears the next, denial one minute and numbness the next. You feel deep shame to let anyone know what you have discovered and you can't talk to who you thought was your best friend, your spouse.

You know you need help.

Betrayal trauma as a result of sexual infidelity, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, or compulsive sexual behaviors in a marriage can be the most painful of wounds.

Through counseling with me, you will learn how betrayal trauma is impacting you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will learn tools to regain that sense of safety you so greatly desire. You will learn how to grieve the past in order to move into the present. And you will be empowered to thrive while embracing a new sense of confidence, meaning and worth in your life and through re-connection with others.


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